Asynchronous video interviews

Tired of robotic responses? Try using VideoAsk for one way video interviews and get more human responses, save time and create an enjoyable experience.

✌️ No credit card required.

More human interactions

A video says a lot about a person. Using VideoAsk for one way interviews means you can swap emails and text for video, and establish a personal connection

Why? A personal connection means higher engagement, a higher response rate and better quality responses, helping you get to know your interview candidate even better.

A smooth process

With one way video interviews, there’s no need to schedule and coordinate calendars. Simply send off your VideoAsk interview and let your respondent answer in their own time. 

All answers will be kept in your VideoAsk inbox, letting you review the candidate at a time that suits you. Perfect for interviews across time-zones.

Easy to build and answer

Creating your one way video interview has never been easier.  Simply record each question, choose the answer type and share your interview! 

You can embed it in emails or texts, or just share the link. In just one click, respondents can answer.

Top interview features

Integrate with calendar management apps

Speed up your interview process and let highly qualified candidates schedule the next meeting with ease.

Everything transcribed

Drop-off analysis

Start creating your one way interview today.